SUMO: Crime Is a River / Krisztina Bilak, Anna Hoóz & Zsófia Jauernik 

2021. 09. 03. – 09. 05. / PRAGUE
On the occasion of SUMO 2021, City Surfer Office is proudly hosting the exhibition CRIME IS A RIVER curated by PINCE Budapest. The exhibition comprises works of Krisztina Bilák, Anna Hoóz and Zsófia Jauernik and will be on display from Sept 3rd to Sept 5th 2021. It is based on a visual dialog in which they communicate with artworks, texts and images of any kind. This reactive form of collaboration includes countless productive misunderstandings, which became peculiar to the exhibition concept. The exhibited works reflect on the course of our interpretation of what we see and visualize as well as what we hear. The artists use diagrams, instructions and flowcharts to help the visitors understand these processes, but also in a misleading way.
Krisztina Bilak, Anna Hoóz & Zsófia Jauernik – Crime Is a River

3.–5. 9. 2021 | City Surfer Office, Bořivojova 67, Praha 3